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Professional Makeup Tips for Photography

April 17th, 2014

Professional Makeup Tips for Photography


Applying makeup is an art and sometimes the way we apply it on a daily basis just doesn’t translate well from the real world to a captured moment on film. Bright lighting, whether natural or studio lights are a necessity for capturing an amazing photo but can really overwhelm the subject’s facial features and makeup resulting in a “washed out” appearance. Fortunately, there are some very specific tips that can produce amazing results for conveying beautiful makeup (and more importantly a beautiful face) in photographs.


before makeup
⦁    Foundation: bad foundation can absolutely ruin an otherwise beautiful face; it is the most important makeup item in a flawless makeup application. I suggest full-coverage foundations in half a shade darker than the model’s skin color. The reason for this is that skin commonly looks pale and washed out in photos due to the brilliant lighting.

⦁    Skip the SPF: Foundations containing high SPF reflect the light and cause ‘flashback’, which is the appearance of white or unnaturally pale skin in photographs due to the flash as it reflects off of the makeup. Instead, use a moisturizer with SPF underneath the foundation if the model will be outdoors.

⦁    For the average woman preparing for a photo shoot, I always recommend sticking to their normal makeup routine and pumping it up a couple notches. The typical photo shoot (I’m thinking of occasions such as engagement shoots, senior photos, or family portraits) isn’t the time to try out that new trend you’ve been eyeing; stick with what flatters you and with what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

⦁    For any type of photo shoot, it is important to layer color. For example, layering a powder blush over a cream color keeps the pigments bold and ensures that the makeup translates well into photos.



⦁    Same thing goes with lipstick. For a nude lip, I suggest one to two shades darker than the natural lip color to define the pucker, keeping it just as seductive in photographs as it is in person.  For a bold lip, start with a lip stain, followed by liner, then lipstick. Blot it with a tissue and then finish with optional gloss.

⦁    Makeup setting spray is an absolute necessity for a flawless face in photographs, especially if the shoot requires more than an hour of wear, an outdoor location, or high levels of activity. This dual purpose item prevents the cakey appearance of powders and also keeps makeup looking fresh and flawless for hours.



⦁    Contouring can be a very natural way to add definition to the face, adding the appearance of lifted cheekbones, a slenderized jawline, and a sleek, straight nose. Similarly, highlighting helps lift the facial features to enhance and add a youthful, healthy appearance.

⦁    False eyelashes are wonderful tool to help define the eyes in photos where natural eyelashes can sometimes get obscured.



⦁    Finally, I recommend filling in the eyebrows. Even for people who have dark eyebrows, the harsh lighting and flash used in photography can cause eyebrows to become lost. Eyebrows are extremely important in framing the face and eyes.



Christy Johnson of C. Johnson Makeup is a makeup artist with over six years’ experience and multiple makeup artist certifications. Christy began her career as a makeup artist at all-natural day spa and by completing an apprenticeship with a well-known celebrity makeup artist. With  this unique knowledge Christy specializes in beautiful makeup that is also gentle and effective for all types of women, particularly those with sensitive skin. Christy’s passion is bridal makeup because she feels that it is an irreplaceable honor to be chosen to contribute to a couple’s wedding day. Christy also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing as well as Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico. She adores a beautiful, well-defined eyebrow and can’t get enough of interacting with her followers online. Follow C. Johnson Makeup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or visit www.cjohnsonmakeup.com for more information.

Photos graciously provided by S. Strine Photography. www.sstrinephotography.com

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April 16th, 2014



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April 4th, 2014

‘Jake and Sam are engaged to be married this coming August. We snuck in this shoot a week after Jake proposed and a week before Sam left to spend a semester in Spain. The combination of beautiful weather and a stunning couple made for a fantastic shoot. We started off shooting in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan for an urban look and finished in a field near Allendale, Michigan at sunset. These two have a passionate love that truly is infectious. ‘ – Rachel Gabrielse Photography


DSC_4027c DSC_3973c DSC_3871c DSC_3830c DSC_3582c DSC_3546c DSC_3498c DSC_3473c DSC_3453c DSC_3182c DSC_3137c DSC_3024c DSC_2874c DSC_2788c DSC_2747c DSC_2740c 2 1


Rachel Gabrielse Photography