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Haze | Top 10 | Photography Challenge

July 22nd, 2014

haze 1

Belles & Beaus Photography

haze 2

Southern Gal Photography

haze 3

Sophie Crew Photography

haze 4

Alec Mills Photography

haze 5

Black Rock Photography

haze 6

Nicole Hanson Photography

haze 7

Krista Campbell Photography

haze 9

Annie Mitova Photography

haze 8

Wendy Rakvica Photography

haze 10

Riverains Photography

Thank you all who submitted ‘Haze’  images for this first week in 2014!! If you would like to partake in our 52 week photo challenge please see the list of upcoming themes HERE and post your images on our Facebook page!!



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Devon Michelle Photography | Photography Inspiration

July 15th, 2014

Over a year ago I was preparing for a session that was styled after “Downton Abbey” but while I was working with a shop choosing clothing for my models I fell in love with all the styles from the 1960′s that the shop owner had.  It was that very day that I decided that I was going to do a styled session that would feature clothing from the 1960′s.  I shared my vision with my friend and model, Jessica and she was 100% on board with me. Having this in the back of my mind I started looking around for a location…at Christmas time my location found me.  My aunt and uncle had purchased, restored and furnished a turn of the century house that was perfect.   I had the clothing, the location and a model, I just needed to make it happen.

On the day of the shoot Jessica & I spent no less than the first 10 minutes wandering around the house admiring all the details that my family had put into preparing it for the shoot.  Not a single detail was overlooked in re-creating what a house may have looked like in the Mid 1960′s.  We were so please with the results, from the styling, the details and the look of the film when it returned from the lab.

One other minor detail – I decided to shoot the session with film.  I knew that the session would be difficult because I was shooting indoors and didn’t know how the film would respond to limited light.  I choose to shoot Fuji Pro400H to give me some versatility in the low light.


Devon Michelle Photography 1 Devon Michelle Photography 2 Devon Michelle Photography 3 Devon Michelle Photography 4 Devon Michelle Photography 5 Devon Michelle Photography Devon Michelle Photography-000098270006 Devon Michelle Photography-000098270011 Devon Michelle Photography-000098270015 Devon Michelle Photography-000098270016 Devon Michelle Photography-000098270030 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280003 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280008 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280015 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280016 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280020 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280023 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280025 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280029 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280032 Devon Michelle Photography-000098280037


Model: Jessica Lehman
Clothing: Vanity Boutique in Tacoma
Make up Artist: Becki Clancy
Film Lab: Indie Film Lab


Devon Michelle Photography




Family | Top 10 | Photo Challenge

July 14th, 2014

family 1

M.A.Z Photography

family 2

Munchkins and mohawks

family 3

Leslie Simmons Photography

family 4

Three Plus Photography

family 5

Harmony Safier Photography

family 6

SummerK Photography

family 7

LFK photography

family 8

Monica Mc Neill Photography

family 9

Sarah-Beth Photography

family 10

Jess Croshaw Photography

Thank you all who submitted ‘Family’  images for this first week in 2014!! If you would like to partake in our 52 week photo challenge please see the list of upcoming themes HERE and post your images on our Facebook page!!



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Evoke Creativity | Images of the Week

July 11th, 2014

This Guy

Watch them burn




hush, little baby...


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Blissful Maven Photography | Family Photography Inspiration

July 10th, 2014

This session was a memorable one for me. Why you might say? well this was the first time that I followed my heart completely and fully. Not that I hadn’t given my heart to a session before, but this was different. I allowed my heart to lead me in the direction that I had always felt was right but never followed because I thought the rules were always broken. I wasn’t till few months ago that I realized I would slowly work myself in the direction of freeing myself wholeheartedly. I knew the moment that I did that I would be free to be me.

This session marks a beginning for me, a new way of making art, and I’m so happy to share these with you.’ – Blissful Maven Photography

BBP_0080 BBP_0094 BBP_0104  BBP_0116 BBP_0145 BBP_0151 BBP_0158 BBP_0176 BBP_0208 BBP_0222 BBP_0264    BBP_0309 BBP_0312 BBP_0319 BBP_0323 BBP_0335 BBP_0361   BBP_0456 BBP_0492 BBP_0499 BBP_0508 BBP_0516 BBP_0519 BBP_0642 BBP_0651 BBP_0661

Blissful Maven Photography