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Lexie came to me wanting a pin-up inspired session.  I shot this as a cross between how I would shoot a high school senior and what I think a pin-up session would look like.  I admit that I’ve never shot pin-up style photos before, so it was a fun challenge for both of us!  These pictures were all shot with the Canon 5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2L combo using natural light.  I did use a reflector (held by my wonderful 12 year old daughter) to bounce some extra light in some of them.  We shot most of these at an old gas station along historic Route 66.  This place was a virtual museum to days gone by and the hay day of Route 66 and I think it created the perfect atmosphere for a pin-up style shoot.  The man who owns the gas station even let us ‘borrow’ his vintage Corvette…how cool is that?  This was such a fun session!  Of course, having a beautiful, cooperative model makes it even funner…you can’t go wrong with Lexie.

LJ Holloway Photography







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3 Responses to “LJ Holloway Photography|Fashion Photography Inspiration”

  1. Shauna says:

    GORGEOUS, Madame!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous..

  2. What a gorgeous set! I really like how the shots are pin up-like, but not overdone. Do you find that most people allow you to shoot and are cooperative? I’m always so nervous to ask about shooting on private property. Any tips beyond just asking?

  3. Elyse says:

    I LOVE this session! Great lighting, great compositions, and a wonderfully fresh take on pin-up! Nicely done!

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