Meg Kelly Photography|Fashion Photography Inspiration

Her name is Hannah. Hannah and I studied photography together. We took a trip out to the Steve Irwin Highway which is about an hour North Of Brisbane Queensland. The Steve Irwin Highway is thick with pine tree plantations on either side. The pines filter the warm and harsh summer sun beautifully.

Hannah has a natural style and beauty so the greens surrounding her complimented this perfectly. Hannah Loves feathers, she bought two with her on our little trip, one tattooed on her arm and the other she held in her hand. Hannah’s boots also played an important role in her shoot. In the time that I have known Hannah these are the only shoes I have ever seen her wear. Feathers and Boots, If I had to choose two words to describe Hannah it would be those.
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  1. This is so wonderful. Such a captivating session!

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